I break stereotypes and prove that school photos can be stylish and beautiful

SERVICES. School and commercial photographer

About 1000 albums were received by graduates from Ukraine and even several school abroad.

Shooting is done in a professional photo studio. If there is no possibility, i can come the equipment. But i`m always in favor of quality, so i`m doing my best to shoot in the sudio.

A personal selection of portrait photos for the album.

Trendy, thematic photo shoots.

AR album- augmented reality technology. (Live photos)

Prices valid until the end of this year

You can also separately order a photo book for you, where the most precious moments of your life will be saved.

Commercial shooting (photo and video) and maintaining an Instagram account are also possible  

Commercial shooting:

 — This is 2 hours of shooting

- All successful photos in author’s processing

- 15 retouched photos

- 1 video reels- 

We agree references and locations in advance 


Так же вы можете заказать у меня индивидуальную фотосъемку, выпускные альбомы и коммерческие фото:)

Все подробности о стоимости заинтересовавшего предложения вы можете узнать, связавшись со мной

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С радостью стану Вашим семейным фотографом